Our unique approach to property investment

When you partner with Tudorgate, your investment funds won’t be put into the bank to pay off debts or used to finance a half-finished development project.

Instead, we will embark on a partnership that is based on your risk profile, your budget and, perhaps, your desire to leave a positive, lasting impact on the West Midlands housing landscape.

We build high-quality homes that people want to buy, meaning our properties typically sell quickly – and at a profit. We’d love to have you along for the journey.

A message from our founder.

“Deciding to invest in property can be daunting. As a property investor myself, I know the multitude of questions that need to be asked before planning permission has even been applied for.

What’s the best use of this land or of an existing building? How difficult will it be to get the necessary approval? How realistic is the budget?

Answering these and a dozen other questions all comes with experience. It’s why investors choose to partner with someone like us – a small team of property experts who have been through the process many times before.

When you decide to invest in property with Tudorgate, we’re in it together. In many cases, your investment will be matched with funds of our own, so if the project works for us – as we hope it will – it will work for you, too.

As with any investment, there are risks. But we’ll do everything in our power to anticipate these and mitigate them – and we’ll also agree on a project that matches your risk profile.

We take a sober, careful view of what’s best for the marketplace at the start of any joint venture and then set out to build homes, funded or part-funded by you, that are designed to find eager buyers – quickly.

Tudorgate Homes is a privately-owned, highly-capable property development company that started in 2018. If you’d like to share in our success by embarking on a joint venture with us, we will patiently explain the options, the process, the likely returns and more.

Our mission is to make beautiful, long-lasting homes that people love to live in across the West Midlands. Our second aim, of course, is to grow revenues along the way.

If you’d like to join us, I look forward to taking your call.”

Can we beat your bank?

Our track record says we can.

Despite today’s high interest rates when borrowing from a bank, the return these institutions give you on your savings is pitiful. As little as 1% is the most you can achieve in many cases, meaning it would take 72 years for your nest-egg to double.

In the property market, however, returns of between 5-10% are not unommon. This gives us a solid benchmark to aim for every time we start a new project.

When we embark on a joint venture with you, we’ll present you with a bespoke Investor’s Pack that outlines everything you need to know about our strategy, the time-frame of our partnership, the anticipated returns and much more.

We have a wide variety of investment opportunities available to investors, including outright cash purchases, option agreements, assisted sales, lease options and more. We’re happy to explain each of these in detail.

Our aim in every case is to outperform the banks by a considerable margin. To date, we’ve been able to do that on every project we’ve undertaken.

Our Projects

What kind of projects do we work on?

New Build Homes

Commercial & Office

Greenfield development

Brownfield development

Frequently Asked Questions

Our property investor partners come from all walks of life. Some are seasoned property experts who need an experienced developer to work with on a residential project; others are individuals with some money put aside that they want to grow.

This could be savings, pension lump sums, the funds from an inheritance or the sale of a property, or company directors with a large dividend to invest. Current or ex-sportsmen looking to grow their wealth for the future are common property investors, too.

What unites our clients is a desire to work with a partner they feel they can trust. Few investors want regular site visits or to be involved with the minutiae of fixtures and fittings, but they do want to feel reassured that the right decisions are being taken every step of the way.

This is where our knowledge and experience come in. We are able to give our partners the ‘hands-off’ approach they are looking for – while enabling them to feel confident that their investment is in safe hands. We also ensure that everyone receives regular updates, too.

In some cases, our investors had been asking friends and advisors how to get into real estate for many years but had struggled to find the right investment partner. With Tudorgate Homes, they tell us they find the exact balance of professionalism, personal service and scale that they were looking for.

We don’t have a specific sum that investors need to bring to a project; it varies for each development. In some cases, it may be that the ‘capital’ being offered is a parcel of land.

We have a multitude of ways for people to get into property development – please get in touch and we’d be happy to discuss some options.

Unlike larger national property investment companies, Tudorgate Homes can offer a personal touch that many investors find reassuring.

Not only will we discuss with you the kind of development that you would like to be involved in – be that something we can accommodate now or, perhaps, schedule a little further down the line – we will also explain the many ways that money can be made out of property development so that you can decide which approach works best for you.

We are experts in our field, finely attuned to the demands of the local market. We can see value where others often can’t.

Once we embark on a partnership together, we will use our own company funds to gain planning permission and will also give you regular updates on how the development is progressing. You’ll find us friendly, enthusiastic and extremely professional to work with. And as our overheads are lower than those of larger developers, we believe we can offer better value to our investors, too.

Of course! We can explain how to get planning permission, answer questions such as ‘What is permitted development?’, discuss converting barns and a thousand other things. Please fill in our contact form or schedule a call with our founder, Sam.

While we are always happy to give you an overview of the financial considerations when investing in property, any information we give is intended as a guide and should be discussed more fully with your accountant/legal advisor.

Start your investment journey with us today.

Please fill in our contact form to find out more, & we’ll also send you a sample Investor’s Pack for free. For a no-obligation chat, please call us on 01386 573191.